Will you Join us for

21 Days of Prayer

This January Redemption Church will be joining with as many as 1,300 churches and thousands of people across the globe for 21 Days Of Prayer. 

Like Redemption Church, these churches are part of the Converge movement, which starts and strengthens churches together worldwide so people can meet, know and follow Jesus. 

Imagine what will happen when churches across the United States and around the world focus wholeheartedly on communicating with our amazing God through prayer.  

From January 6th - January 27th you are invited to explore some of the dangerous prayers that have been prayed by God’s people for thousands of years.

Our prayer for you is that during the 21 Days of Prayer that you would:

 -develop a deeper craving for the beauty of the Lord.

- experience the wonder of His leading in your life.

- that you will know the fullness of the Holy Spirit. 

- that you would know the favor of the God as you walk in greater obedience to Him. 

Use the form below and commit to praying with us from January 6th - 27th and you will recieve a free prayer guide/prayer journal exploring 21 Dangerous Prayers from scripture. 

Hang tight while we prepare your form...